Sometimes you have to search for a subject which may be so small that it is hard to actually see it.  This Preying Mantis looks like it came from outer space !!    While photographing him/her, the Mantis was watching us (we could see his eyes following our movements).  The Mantis was as curious about us and we were curious about him/her.


Insects, bugs and butterflies are everywhere. Some are very small and others larger. Look around your yard and you will find some very interesting subjects. Macro lenses allow close-up images while being a reasonable distance from the subject. It is almost like looking thru a microscope. You will see details of your subject that couldn’t be seen with the naked eye. Do you know that bumble bees have fur and that many spiders have multiple eyes? Any subject you choose for your macro shot, including flowers and plants, can show you things you wouldn't ordinarily see with the naked eye.  Try it - you'll like it !


Butterflies are much easier for us to find.  They are usually larger than insects and rather colorful.  But they can also be tiny.  Be observant and you'll get some great images !  This butterfly is called a Painted Lady.  For some reason this past summer they were everywhere.  Look really close at the fur on its head, large eyes, and colorful wings.  

Be thankful for what we have been given . . .