Foxes & Other Animals

We don't see the wary fox as often as some animals in nature, but they are there.  This fellow was sitting in a yard near a house as we drove along a country road near our home.  Just keep your eyes open and you will be amazed at what you see !

We have photographed numerous animals both "In Harmony With Nature" and places both near and far from our home.

Animals in Nature

Animals make up a large part “Nature”. It is fascinating to observe them in their natural surroundings. Being able to capture images of these animals is rewarding and educational. Wild animals are generally afraid of humans. In order to get close to them you must learn about their environment and habits. When photographing wildlife, go slow or set up and wait until they come to you. Most importantly don’t stress your subject.​


This fawn was photographed "In Harmony With Nature".  (aka - our back yard).  Our property consists of both open areas and woods with houses close, but not too close.  Deer feel safe to be in these areas because you cannot hunt close to homes.  We become attached to "our" deer each year.  Most years fawns are born on or near our property.  They enjoy running about our open spaces and eating apples that fall from our trees.  

Be thankful for what we have been given . . .