Florida Birds


Another favorite spot is Blue Cyprus Lake which is located near Vero Beach.  Every spring hundreds of pairs of Osprey prepare their nests and have their young.  It is always a flurry of activity as the osprey dive into the water and come out with a large fish to take to their young.  Ospreys mate for life and if they already have a nest from last year, they spruce it up, even sometimes make it bigger.  You either have to go out on the lake with your own boat or rent a small boat or a pontoon boat to get out to where the birds are.  


Early spring is a great time to visit Florida and photograph birds and aquatic animals during their mating and nesting seasons.  Our travels take us down the east coast, across the Everglades and up the west coast.  Along our journey we take images of various water birds, along with alligators and land birds.  At this time of the year, the birds are in their mating colors.  Their activities included varying stages of building and up-keeping their nests, mating and taking care of their young.  One of the places we enjoy visiting is the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine, FL.  It is interesting to note that the birds actually feel safe roosting and nesting in the trees above the alligators because the alligators protect the birds from predators.   We always look forward to our Florida adventures !

Other Florida Birds and Aquatic Life

Because of the warm climate and so much water, birds are in abundance  throughout Florida.  We, of course, have our favorite places to visit but plans are often changed.  You are at a place, you meet someone, they tell you about a place they like, and next you are off on a new adventure.

There are many parks and wetlands that offer these birds and aquatic animals safe places to live and raise their young.