Costa Rica

Birds 'n Butterflies

More than 840 species of birds have been identified in Costa Rica. As in much of Central America, the bird species in Costa Rica are a mix of both North and South American birds. The abundance of fruit trees, many of which bear fruit year round, are very important to the birds.  Some survive on diets that consist only of one or two types of fruit. 

Blue morpho butterflies, as well as many others can be found in Costa Rica

Costa Rica

 Costa Rica which means "rich coast" in Spanish, is home to a large variety of plants and animals, and, colorful fish, sharks, rays, dolphins and whales that  thrive offshore.  It is a conservationist's dream!

A Zip Line trip over the forests and foliage will leave you breathless !

Scenic - Plants - 'n Critters

The Rainforests and natural beauty of the country is so inspiring.  It is home to many national parks and protected areas.   

As you travel in Costa Rica, a keen eye may see a sloth on a branch or hear the haunting call of a howler monkey, as well as unlimited little colorful frogs, snakes, etc.

Be thankful for what we have been given . . .