Africa 2015

We were lucky enough . . .

to be able to return to Africa this year and see more amazing wildlife and nature

  Our adventures took us to two places in the Timbavati Private Game Reserve - The Kambaku Lodge at one side of the park and the Simbavati River Lodge on the other side. Each area has its own distinct habitats. Next we spent almost a week at the Zimanga Private Reserve. While being transported to each of our game drives our route was lined with sugar cane fields which were being harvested by local workers. It was unbelievable what large areas were cut - by hand - each day, then loaded on trains to be transported for processing. We had spectacular game drives and birding adventures at Zimanga. And, lastly we drove about 8 or so hours south to another private reserve known as Tiger Canyon. Again, this was both a photographer's dream as well as an education regarding the wildlife in the park. ​

Life is Short . . .

enjoy it. . take trips. .

learn about other cultures

and their wildlife.  

Whether you go close to home,

or on a far away adventure -

learn to embrace what has been given to us -

it will take your breath away !! 

so, LET's GO . .

on another exciting adventure !!

Africa 2015

Kambaku Safari Lodge/ Timbavati Private Nature Reserve

​ The Kambaku Safari Lodge is located in the heart of the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, which is a part of Kruger National Park.  While we were there, we saw a variety of birdlife, game animals such as the famous white lions of the Timbavati, endangered African wild dogs, the BIG 5 -- Elephants, Lions, Cheetas, Leopards and Rhinos, as well as Hyenas and Hippos.  On our first day's safari we encountered an experience we will NEVER forget.  A pride of 11 lions came upon a very large herd of Cape Buffalo.  And, it happened so quickly - the lions snuck into the herd and grabbed a young Cape Buffalo.  The Cape Buffalo chased the Lions away, but the Lions were persistent and in the end won the battle.  Our group were in two safari vehicles and our expert drivers and guides positioned us for an experience of a lifetime.  By the end we were exhausted, sad, amazed, and in awe

Simbavati River Lodge/ Timbavati Private Nature Reserve

 The Simbavati River Lodge provided us with a base in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve bordering the Northern region of the Kruger National Park. There are no fences between the 2 reserves; the animals move freely in the approximately 20,000 square kilometers of wilderness. The Timbavati Reserve is known for its great wildlife sightings.  Included, are endangered white lion, leopard, elephants, giraffe, wild dog, cheetah as well as many more.  

Zimanga Private Game Reserve Zululand ---Mkuze River -- KwaZulu Natal

Zimanga is over 6000 hectares of land in Zululand, It is located along the Mkuze River and is a home to many wildlife species including lion, elephant, wild dog and cheetah. The animals roam freely.  Also there are many bird species who make the area their home.  Zimanga is home to several state of the art photo hides designed by Bence Mate.  These provide photographers a close-up and unique view of birds and wildlife in their natural habitat.

Africa 2015

White Tiger


 Tiger Canyons was established John Varty near the town of Philippolis on the Van der Kloof Lake in the Karoo of South Africa.  Tiger Canyons was designed as an experiment creating a free-ranging, self-sustaining tiger population outside of Asia. Eventually later generations of tigers can be returned to Asia into parks meeting certain criteria which give the tigers a chance to again survive in Asia. John Varty (JV as he is known) has created an amazing place where tigers are able to live wild, breed naturally and prosper at a time when their numbers are dwindling in their native Asia.  

A Beautiful, Powerful Animal

Be thankful for what we have been given . . .