Flowers - Plants - Trees - Scenics

Plants & Trees

Plants and Trees don’t run away?   They are great photographic subjects. You can take your time setting up a fantastic image with these as a subject.  If the occasion arises where you need to add something (like a person/animal) to an image to show perspective, give it a shot.    Get a plant/tree identification book or AP and be amazed at what you will learn about nature all around us. 


Flowers and Scenics are all around us. By capturing an image of a flower, a plant, or a beautiful scene, a lasting documentation is created of its beauty. Flowers and plants instill a sense of peace and relaxation. Surround yourself with these types of images and feel the calm they invoke.



Scenics will take the viewer to a place and time that perhaps they would never have a chance to visit or provide a lasting memory of a place and/or time that is special to the photographer who also wants to share these memories with others.  You can take "typical iconic shots" or before taking the image, perhaps look at the subject from all angles and give the viewers your own special perspective !  

Be thankful for what we have been given . . .